Our sandstone is one of
Mother Nature's Finest products
                   made 180 million years ago!



Manufacturing Process

Our manufacturing plant is located at the quarry in Stanwell. Our factory can process the stone to the stage required by the customer.

At the Quarry we have a Spielvogel Blocksaw which accommodates a blade of up to 4m and cuts up to 6 blocks simultaneously into slabs or billets (2.2m x 1.2m) on an automatic cycle. Slabs can then be processed by a Farnese High Production Auto Bridgesaw, also known as a dual table bridge saw, which provides a product with six sawn faces. The stone can be finished by our on-site Stonemasons who provide a hand finished product worked to the specifications of the customer.

Our team of Stonemasons are skilled in surface finishing, profile and carving work which are in demand in New South Wales. They also supply cut to order and semi-finished products, most popularly paving, walling, hydrasplit blocks and ballast for both commercial and residential projects. There are a variety of finish styles to choose from on the Front and Edge of products.

We hold large volumes of slab stock in various colours which enables shorter lead times for processing.

Environment & Recycling

The quarry has distinct areas for loading of export blocks, retaining material and other products, this reduces the environmental impact on any one area and enables us to manage dust, water runoff and additional environmental issues more effectively, in accordance with our approved EPA plans.

All of our cutting and processing machinery uses recycled water. We have dams on-site to capture runoff and remove silt, water can then be returned to the processing plant for re-use.

Areas that are not quarried remain undisturbed and pristine.

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