Our sandstone is                          
     unique and luxurious,            
a look that exudes class

New Fickert & Winterling Blocksaw

Capricorn Sandstone Quarries new Fickert & Winterling Blocksaw has been featured in the latest Quarry Magazine e-newsletters. 

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Capricorn Buff

A massive reserve of Capricorn Buff has been uncovered by civil works at our Quarry in Stanwell.

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Home & Garden



Sandstone is in demand because it's natural and enduring.

Are you wanting to build a sandstone garden or retaining wall, pave your outside living area or just beautify your life with sandstone garden furniture or stepping stones…the choices are endless and ageless.

Our subtle colours include Capricorn Buff, Heritage Rose, Brown Banded, Q8 and other exquisite patterns all formed over millions of years. Products manufactured from sandstone lend elegance, finish and stylish strength to your home and garden. 

Our stone is available to order from the Stanwell quarry.

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