Our quarry has in excess of                          
1million m3 of dimension stone            
ensuring supply well into      
the next century


Our quarry exports the highest quality Australian sandstone and for this we were recognised as the Trade Queensland's 2011 Central Queensland Exporter of the Year.

In 2010 we were recognised at The Premier of Queensland's Export Awards as the Winner of the Tom Burns Award and finalist in the Regional Exporter Award and were also the 2010 Winner of the Trade Queensland Emerging Exporter of the Year Award.

Our export blocks are approximately 2.2m x 1.3m x 1.2m and we supply orders from 5 to 50 containers per shipment. Our stone is packed in 20ft containers holding 24-27 T each.

Upon request our Sandstone can be cut into slabs. We manage all logistics from transport, packing/weighing, shipping/insurance and all relevant paperwork.

We use internationally recognised shipping agents for efficient and cost effective service. Our Business Manager communicates with you personally to ensure you know the progress of your stone.

To ensure you have the highest quality sandstone contact us directly as there are many companies claiming to be our agents.

We have established key alliances with businesses in China to enable the supply of finished products to the Asian market.



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