Our sandstone is one of
Mother Nature's Finest products
                   made 180 million years ago!


About Us

The sandstone quarry is situated at Stanwell, about 25 km's west of Rockhampton, Queensland Australia.

The reserve is one of the largest dimensional sandstone quarries in Australia uniquely producing landscape through to restoration grade sandstone in a variety of colours.

The family owned business has over 50 years combined experience in sandstone quarrying, processing and manufacturing and developed quarries in New South Wales and Western Australia.

The Stanwell quarry cut stone for many fine buildings in the 1800's and early 1900's which remain solid today; a testament to the quarries sandstone quality and durability. The quarry was revived by Roy Gough in 1994 and now his son, Reece, runs the business and has expanded into the sandstone export market.

The quarry supplies beautiful Capricorn Buff and Heritage Rose for restoration projects across Australia, and Brown Banded and Q8 to China for large commercial and residential projects. We also provide stone for large and small landscaping projects. Our clients include the State Governments of New South Wales and Queensland and many Regional Council projects across Australia.


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